SCHUNK PHL-W 63-120-S 308274

The SCHUNK PHL W 63-120-S Parallel Gripper is a precision-engineered gripping system designed for industrial automation applications. With a compact and robust design, this gripper excels in providing reliable and efficient handling of workpieces. The PHL W 63-120-S features a parallel jaw configuration, ensuring uniform and secure gripping during automated processes. Its versatile design allows for easy integration into various automation setups. The gripper is equipped with high-quality components for durability and longevity, making it suitable for demanding industrial environments. With a wide jaw opening range and excellent repeatability, the SCHUNK PHL W 63-120-S Parallel Gripper offers a flexible and precise solution for a variety of gripping tasks in manufacturing and assembly operations.

PHL-W 63-120-S (Long-stroke gripper)

ID: 308274

  • Size: 63
  • pneumatic
  • Profiled rail guide
  • gripping force maintenance: S
  • Stroke per jaw: 120 mm
  • Closing force: 4410 N
  • Max. ambient temperature: 90 °C